• Glossary (Unit 64)

    CODEC The word /codec/ is the combination of the words “coder” and “decoder”(co- dec). There many variations of codec, and in these variations there are many types. This can function to encode and compress for storage purposes the data or it can decompress it for editing. Usually codec is incorporated in the computer and can […]

  • Motion Graphics

    Motion Graphics They can be photographic stills, typography, illustrations, (etc.) that create the illusion of movement. You can create this by various ways, digitally or in the case of film manually. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution, motion graphics can be more powerful and elaborate. There are simple soft wares that create motion graphics too, now […]

  • Paddington Bear: Evaluation

    Analysis of Interactive Fairytale My Original Idea vs. The Finished Project While my original intentions for my interactive film were to create a story that had various loops in the plot, my final product has had many changes along the way. Including: Platform: In my original idea, I wanted my interactive film to be presented […]

  • Paddington Bear: Pre- Production

    Paddington Bear: Pre- Production

    HOW IT ALL STARTED When we had to imagine a fairy tale as an interactive video, the first fairy tale that came into mind was Paddington Bear.   SCRIPT paddington SCHEDULE SHOT LIST

  • Digital Interactive Media

    Digital Interactive Media

    With the constant evolution of internet and digital media, many brands use different techniques to relate with their audience. Something that captures audiences attention is something new that isn’t seen to a day to day basis. This were interactive media comes in. A way to make the audience participate with the information you want them […]

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