I’ve always been a girl of details, always using a little bling to make my outfit stand out or a big statement piece that makes everyone go wild (or at least wonder) about where I got it.

I’ve had this jean jacket for about two years, and I’m never to enthusiastic about it, I bought it in a charity shop for £4. But how can I make it GREAT? Well wandering down my instagram, I found a lot of demin patches and embroidery masterpieces. Click here to see the post about my inspiration.

So I decided to start this DIY PROJECT making my own CUSTOM JEAN JACKET. Now I am not a pro at any of these things so bear with me, we can be amateurs together <3.  With this tutorial you will learn how to embroider your name or brand on a simple jean jacket.


  • Jean Jacket (Already had) £4
  • Embroidery thread (3 sets) £1.20
  • Needles (10 pack) £1.00
  • Scissors
  • Print out of the word you want
  • Beads, Patches (optional)
  • A lot of effing patience

Step 1:

Cut out your letters to create a stencil, TIP: USE A FONT WITH FEW CURVES TO MAKE IT EASIER (If it has a lot of curves it will look a bit messy)cutout1

Step 2:

Layer your stencils on top of your demin jacket, now I used glue to hold them on , but use tape, I was just lazy.layout demin

Step 3:

With a pencil or pen lightly trace your words, and then remove the stencil. You will end up with something like this.DSCF7762

Step 4:

Start embroidering. From one end of your mark to another horizontally changing angles as you go, this took me about 7 hours because I used a long word and there are so many curves guys it was getting messed up.finalfinal display

Step 5:

Finish with iron on patches or with some beads to give them an extra touch.

Bumble Fact: This patch was my neighbor’s, it’s from Nepal. Gives a nice touch to my jean jacket.

Hope you liked the DIY, I’m out – Adriana