Review: Paper Towns

Who doesn’t like a typical romance book?  Well, while I was wondering at a street market, I found myself in front of Paper Towns.

I’ve always liked the idea of crime and mystery books, but when I saw that John Green wrote it, I flash-backed to my old self reading Fault in our Stars at my school’s cafeteria trying not to tear up in the middle of lunch break. So I decided to give this book a chance.


The story line was very different than I expected, Quentin is a boy who has this crush on his “hot” neighbor (OK yeah basic). With a weird past with his neighbor called Margo, on their last year of high school she takes him on the “wildest” day of his life and then the next she disappears.

Don’t worry it isn’t a spoiler because they say it on the cover in huge letters.

Q, as his two friends call him, gets very obsessed with the idea of finding her and looks for clues and well, while everyone tries to make the best of what is left of school; he is determined to find Margo.


This book is certainly very interesting. Especially because as I didn’t expect, it had a bit of the mystery I always appreciate. The plot gives you some emotions I can’t explain.

I mostly got annoyed how he gave so much importance to someone who didn’t give two pebbles for him. The good thing, is that this book doesn’t give you that typical stereotype air headed love (that sometimes we get sick of) but something more.

And that something is the love that consumes you, the one that happens more times in real life than you can imagine. That love, that makes you think of the person greater than they are. And when you discover that, it hits you like a train.

 Favorite Quote:

“Just remember the sometimes the way we think about a person isn’t the way they actually are”

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